Our Story

Nicole in apple orchard.jpeg

It all started when...

a guy loved a girl, who loved hard cider.

A few years ago, Jarred and Nicole were introduced to a charming pick-your own farm named Larriland Farms. In return for volunteering at their incredibly popular apple fritter stand, they were promised as much free produce as they could carry. Anyone who knows Jarred knows that he can't turn down free food, so they ended up with about 50 lbs of apples. This began their journey into the world of hard apple cider, one of Nicole's favorite drinks.

Jarred researched and brewed, Nicole taste tested. They quickly realized that they were onto something.

Two years of research, physical labor (these apples are hand picked!), help from friends and family, and many hours spent at their production facility in St. Mary's County have finally led to a product that they, along with their co-owner Joey Dyson, are very proud of and can't wait to share.